Baie Slings Reef Twertles wrap scrap pendant


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Each Scrapdoodle pendant is hand made using genuine woven wrap scrap.

The pendants are 3x4cm and come on a long chain.  If you like a particular length of chain please message and I can supply a different length.  I can offer a keyring or scarf ring suitable for a slingamebob (silver coloured only) instead of a chain if required.  Please note if you would like one of these options.

The metal I use is not nickel free, apologies.  I am looking into hypoallergenic options but have not yet found anything affordable.

I have four different colours available for the pendant setting; antique gold, copper, silver and shiny black.  If you would prefer a different colour metal than the one pictured please message me, I may be able to make up another pendant in your preferred colour.

Please note – I have good but not perfect wrap knowledge.  It is possible that on occasion I will have incorrectly identified a scrap.  If you receive a pendant and believe I have made an error please do let me know and I will of course accept a return with apologies in this situation.  If you are looking at a picture and believe it is incorrect please tell me so I can correct it.


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